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Dean Werries doesn’t remember a time

“We’re getting really good yields,”

when there could be very little crop

Werries said. “We’ve had some

to harvest in a corn field. Since

challenging weather the last two or

returning home to the Chapin, Illinois,

three years, and we’re just amazed

family farm, SmartStax® technology

at what we’re still yielding.”

has supported the performance and
standability of the Werries’ corn crop.

SmartStax® RIB Complete® corn blend
has the broadest spectrum of insect

“I don’t remember a really bad scenario

control on the market — with Roundup

where we didn’t even pick the crop like

Ready® 2 Technology and LibertyLink®

my Dad said he has,” Werries said.

herbicide tolerance for broad-spectrum

“With SmartStax, we can trust that

weed control.

we’ll have good standing corn.”
“We’ve really learned to trust the
SmartStax technology protects corn

SmartStax technology. It’s working

roots from the Billion Dollar Bug: corn

for us,” Werries said.

rootworm. Two built-in modes of action
help provide for maximum control of

Visit for more

corn rootworm and the assurance of

information about SmartStax RIB

knowing your crop and yield potential

Complete corn blend or see your local

are protected all season long.

corn seed dealer.


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