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Last Friday morning, a fire occurred at our downtown
Madison substation, originating in equipment belonging
to our transmission partner, American Transmission Co.
(ATC), and damaging equipment belonging to MGE. To
allow firefighters access to the substation, we needed
to de-energize it, resulting in power outages in parts
of downtown and the Isthmus. We recognize this was
a source of concern and inconvenience for many.
A full investigation with ATC is ongoing
to understand what happened and how
to ensure continued reliability. On behalf
of all of us at MGE, we want to say thank
you for your patience throughout the event.


To the firefighters who put out the fire, the police officers who directed traffic
and secured the area, and to all of our partners across local, county and state

government who helped to ensure our community’s safety throughout the event.
To those we serve for their patience as crews worked to assess the damage,
make adjustments to our system and do repairs, restoring service to all
customers the same day.
To our broader community. It’s easy to find stories of goodwill and
generosity by local businesses, individuals, neighbors and others
who helped our community manage the heat and restoration process.
To our employees, especially our field personnel, who worked tirelessly
to fulfill our critical responsibility to our customers.
Madison, your community energy company thanks you for your resilience
and your care for one another. MGE is proud and privileged to serve you.


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