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Used Poettinger
hay eqUiPMent

Used Poettinger 351
Front Mower

11’6” cutting width, w/o conditioning.


in stock 2 Used Poettinger
thriPle Mower Units

V-10 rear and 351 front w/ flail
conditioning, 28ft to 32ft cutting width.

call For Price

new Poettinger hay
eqUiPMent in stock

3507, 265 & 352ed novacat Mowers.
351 novacat Front Mower.
a10ed novacat triPle Mower.
461a, toP 691a & 842c rakes.
10.11t, 6.80t & hit 4.54t tedders.

Visit Poettinger at: http:/
Ph. 888-943-3009

landwehr rePair
Stratford, WI • Ph. 715-687-2317

4-1/2 mi. west of Stratford on “153” to “E”, then north 1-1/2 mi. & 1/2 mi. west


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