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tips on Staying motivated


t’s easy to get discouraged when you’ve been looking for work,
especially if you haven’t had much luck. But unemployment doesn’t
last forever.
It’s important to keep a positive outlook
and stay motivated when searching for your
next job. In fact, some people turn a stint
of unemployment into a great opportunity,
finding an even better job than they left.
It can become a stepping stone to better
things in your future, but you’ve got to stay
motivated to keep working at the job hunt.

Look for
success stories

Scour the Internet and talk to colleagues
about success stories because it can motivate
you and teach you something about job-search
strategies that work.
Networking can also be a great way to hear
about positive outcomes for people’s career
If you have a friend on Facebook or a
colleague on LinkedIn who just got hired for
a new job, send them a congratulatory note
or give them a phone call. You may be able to
pick up some pointers for what worked in their
job search.
It can also help you see what’s working in
the job market. If your friend just got hired at
XYZ Corporation, they might be looking to
hire someone with your skills, too.
Spend time with people who are having
success in their careers and try to mimic what
they do. If they’re getting promotions and
better jobs, there’s a good reason for it. Find
out their secret to success.

change your routine
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If you’ve been doing the same thing over

Follow the instructions

When you read a job ad, pay attention
to how the hiring manager wants to be
contacted. if they ask for résumés by
e-mail, they probably prefer computer
communications. if they specify “no phone
calls,” you’d be better off following up with
a letter. Employers need to know you can
follow instructions.
and over while continuing to get the same
results, it’s time to change your habits.
Instead of posting your résumé online,
go knock on doors downtown. Instead of
scouring the Internet for ads, look in the
newspaper or call a person who works in your
People say the definition of crazy is doing
the same thing over and over, and expecting
different results.
Don’t be crazy. If you want different results,
you’ve got to do different things, so experiment
until you find a career plan that works.

focus on
the positives

Even when you haven’t landed a job, there
are still rays of hope you can look forward
to. Did you get a phone interview? Did you
discover a new source of job leads? Did you
“almost” get your dream job?
Think about what led to those little successes
and try to emulate them until you get the job
you want.


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