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HealthX Ventures

Taha Jangda, Partner

About Taha Jangda
Taha Jangda is a partner at HealthX Ventures, a Madison-based venture capital
firm that specializes in funding emerging health care innovation companies. He
started in the business development field at the Texas Medical Center (TMC),
the world’s largest medical center. During his time with TMC, Jangda immersed
himself in helping to create the TMC Innovation Institute, which fosters collaboration between the information technology and medical fields.
Having seen firsthand how a lack of integration hinders patient care, Jangda
followed his entrepreneurial spirit and joined Madison-based Redox as the
director of strategic partnerships. There, he leveraged new ideas and creative
thinking to get digital solutions into the hands of care providers more quickly
than the company had been able to do in the past.
Beyond tackling today’s most challenging health care issues and advising innovation communities across the country, Jangda spends his free time reading
books on leadership development and staying true to his Texas roots — BBQ
and football. He’s also discovered a fondness for Madison’s lakes, a treat for
someone from Texas.
What makes Madison such an attractive place for health care IT?
Has it all stemmed from Epic Systems?
We’ve got all the elements to be a health care IT powerhouse including a great
educational system with a proven track record in incubating new ideas and
technologies. We are at the epicenter of state government, and Madison residents enjoy an incredibly high quality of life. Several companies beyond Epic
have helped put Madison on the map including industry leaders such as Exact
Sciences and Promega. Covance’s largest operations are here. PPD, Microsoft,
and Change Health care, are very successful companies.
There is something very real here in Madison. The Midwest is known for its
integrity, value, and hard work, and we see that every single day here. The
community aligns with our mission.
Aside from convincing investors to “stay local” what could
Madison do to make that next step as a health care IT hub?
There’s an energy in Madison that’s palpable. Talk to Judy Faulkner or Kevin
Conroy and they will speak to the humanity of health care and the potential
impact. The ethos exists here. Now, we need to capitalize on our ecosystem’s
distinct advantages.
We are, in fact, on the cusp of something big — local leaders just need to commit to the potential of it. It’s all about finding an identity then committing to it.
The Chamber of Commerce has done a great job connecting the dots between
local investors, government, business leaders, and beyond. Now, we must lever-

(608) 618-3863
316 W. Washington Ave. Suite 925
Madison, WI 53703
age this foundation and bypass the months and years of planning it traditionally
takes to get started.
So what’s next for HealthX? I understand you’re launching a second fund?
It’s important for HealthX to return more money into the local economy, to
continue to spur that growth. We’ve invested in four Madison-based companies with over 150 employees in total. Those investments are supported by our
efforts at building a great network of local, state, and regional investors and
entrepreneurs investing in and supporting these companies. We’ll continue to
bring companies, investors, and industry leaders to Madison to ensure that the
region’s full potential can be realized in the coming years. HealthX is thrilled to
support Madison’s local ecosystem and we are proud to invest in companies
that are transforming the lives of patients.

Come see Taha Jangda at the Cap Times Idea Fest, 8 AM, Saturday, Sept. 14 in a session
called “Will health care IT supercharge Madison’s economy?” Sponsored by HealthX.
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