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2019 Timpte Trailer
40’ x 96” x 66”
Air Ride, Ag Hoppers, 4 Aluminum
Wheels, 2 x 5 LED Bullet Lights, S.S. Rear
Panel & Front Corners, Electric Tarp.
3-7 Year Lease Options
As Low As $1,860/Qtr.

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* Creates Instant Cash For Your Operation
* Re-Structure Existing Equipment Payments
* Tax Deductible Lease Payments Through
LSI’s “True Tax Lease” Program
* Write-Off Your Lease Payments On
Previously Depreciated Equipment
* Flexible 3-5 Year Terms
* Single or Multiple Unit Leases
* Improve Balance Sheet Debt

We Buy It You Lease It!

New or Used - All Brands

✓ 3-5 Year Terms On Used Equipment
✓ 3-7 Year Terms On New Equipment
* Agricultural Equipment
* Trucks & Trailers
* Construction Equipment
* Grain Bins
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Serving Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, Wisconsin
On-Site Service • Galesburg, IL
(309) 343-2099

2014 Case IH 7230
1500 Eng/1100 Sep, Dlxe Cab, Prem. Lights,
True Sight Guidance, Pro 700, 1250/50R32,
750/65R26 Rears, Hyd. Spout, HD Lift
Cylinder, Serviced & Field Ready, Very Clean
& Well-Maintained Combine!
3-5 Year Lease Options

2015 J&M 1010-20S
Extended Reach, 1050
Floaters, Tarp, No Scales,
Excellent Condition-Looks

Member of

like a new one!
3-5 Year Lease Options

2014 Case IH 4408
Includes EZ Trail 680 Head
Cart, Hydraulic Deck Plates,
Stalk Stampers, TruSight
Guidance, Very Nice
Corn head!
3-5 Year Lease Options


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