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“... our best results with Udder Comfort.”
— Janny Wilbourn

The Kleine Family, since 1917
110 cows, 87 lbs/cow/day, SCC 110,000
“Udder Comfort™ is the best. We’ve been using it for 6 years on fresh cows and first-calf
heifers for the first few days after calving to reduce the swelling,” says Janny (Kleine)
Wilbourn. She milks and helps with herd health at her family’s Kleine Dairy Farm,
Cedar Lake, Indiana. They milk 110 cows producing 87 pounds/cow/day of high
quality milk, mostly Holsteins, along with Janny’s registered Brown Swiss.
Seeing opportunities and challenges for her generation, Janny finds value in
doing Ag Awareness events and being part of organizations like Dairy Girl Network,
where she says, “it feels so good to learn, vent, and be reassured we can get
through things together.”
On udder management challenges and cow comfort she says: “We have our best
results with Udder Comfort.”
“I love how it works and the way it smells. We tried other brands, but after using this
one, Udder Comfort is all we ever use now. It is a big help in being proactive with
our fresh cows and in our management of udder health.”

Quality Udders Make Quality Milk

Keep the milk in
the system
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For external application to the udder only, after milking, as an essential component
of udder management. Always wash and dry teats thoroughly before milking.


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