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N13438 STATE HWY 73
WITHEE, WI 54498

Office: 715-229-2500

Ken Stauff er 715-559-8232
Rocky Olsen 715-721-0079
Travis Parr 715-828-2454
Steve Strey 715-721-0434
Riley Nolt 715-507-1900


Tuesday October 22, October 29, 2019
11:00 am
***Notice*** Due to the larger feeder cattle runs we are
having back to back feeder cattle auction on
October 22, 2019 and October 29, 2019


Wednesday October 23, 2019 • 11:00 a.m.

COMPLETE HERD DISPERSAL: 125 High Grade & Registered Holstein
Dairy Cows, retirement dispersal, 70# 4.16BF 3.3P, 200scc, cows will sell
on test, NO TMR, tiesatll, outside daily, 75% of herd is 1st & 2nd calves,
extensive vaccination program & herd health, AI over 38 years with TOP
Genex sires used. Coming from Michael & Jean Klemik, Merrill, WI
Always a large run of drive-ins expected,
including many fresh cows, breeding bulls, springing heifers &
opens that do not make our advertising deadlines!

Selling Hay & Straw every Wednesday at 9:30 am
Weekly Highlights at Premier

Full market report online and all major newspapers!!
On Wednesday we sold 209 head of dairy cattle!!!
With 3 herds market was definitely lower with harvest going strong
before the upcoming weather front. Top fresh cows $1,225-1,625.
Many good quality cows $800-1,200. Springing heifers top quality
$900-1,200. Many lower quality cows and springing heifers
$800 and down. Nearly 1,000 feeder cattle sold this Tuesday, beef
steady, Holstein steers lower. We certainly thank everyone
for all your business and we wish you a safe harvest!!!


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