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The Madison Police Department
and Madison Area Crime Stoppers need YOUR
help identifying two robbery suspects on
Madison’s southside.
On May 26th, at approximately 3:00am, two suspects forced entry into a
residence on South Park Street and stole items from the home.
The 87-year-old victim, who lives alone, woke up to use the restroom in the
early morning hours. He was confronted by two suspects who had entered the
residence through a window.
One of the suspects put the victim in a bear hug and held him captive while the
other grabbed the victim’s wallet from the top of a table. The stolen wallet
contained cash, credit cards, and the victim’s identification card.
The suspects subsequently left, leaving the 87-year-old uninjured but incredibly
shaken up. After the victim reported this to police, family members were
immediately contacted and made aware of the incident.
The suspects are described as two white males, slender build, approximately 2225 years of age.
If you hAve Any InforMAtIon regArdIng thIS robbery, pleASe ContACt
MAdISon AreA CrIMe StopperS At 266-6014, or, on the web, At p3tIpS.CoM
IndIvIduAlS ContACtIng CrIMe StopperS CAn reMAIn AnonyMouS And MAy be
elIgIble for A CASh rewArd.

Since its creation in 1983, Madison Area Crime Stoppers has:
• Solved 3,547 cases and tips have lead to the arrest of 2,292 people.
• Received 29,047 tips.
• Recovered $5,819,862 in narcotics and $1,823,429 in property.


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