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Build your Online Brand

ocial media can be a job
hunter’s best friend or
worst enemy. A report from
Career Builders shows about
70 percent of employers
screen a potential candidate’s
online personas. Make
technology work for you
by replacing embarrassing
posts and photos with a clear
picture of your professional
When you are seeking a
new job, building your
brand online gives you an
opportunity to showcase
more of your skills and
passions that don’t fit on a
traditional resume.
Here are some helpful ways
to move in the right direction
with your online presence.

This career-oriented site gives
job seekers access to industry
leaders while promoting their
own professional visions.
It’s also easy to reach out to
like-minded peers or industry
leaders. Don’t be afraid to

ask for advice through the

to pay off because finding an

messaging app; you never

audience can be difficult. Focus

know what opportunity lies

on your industry, but you also

with the right connection.

can include content about
navigating the job market.

Write a BLog

Not only can you paint a clear

This tactic may take a bit longer image of your professional

goals, but reporting on useful
information will show your
knowledge to others on the
same career path.

Sharing iS Caring
Share educational and
statistical articles about the

industry you hope to break
into. With the right luck and
skill, your post can go viral,
giving you mass exposure.
This can lead to huge
opportunities both financially
and professionally.


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