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Introducing the NEW Udder Comfort Backpack
On dairies ranging 360 to 12,000 cows,
dairy managers say this about the
new backpack:

“Prepares 2-year-olds for robotic milkability.”

Josh Lingen, Lingen Dairy, Balaton, Minn. • 240 through robot, 90 through parlor • SCC 150,000
Pre-fresh Udder Comfort sprayed 1x/day for 6 to 7 days before calving via backpack in headlocks
vs. spot application in robot barn after calving


• Heifers came in full of milk, but soft, no edema.
• 2 lbs more milk at 14 DIM.
• Reduced robot fetch time by more than half.
• Improved speed of attachment.

• Fewer udder changes during
first 10 days.
• More efficient robotic milking
in first lactation.

“Improves first-lactation performance.”

Keith Beer, Beer Cattle Co., Berne, Ind. • Calving 200 heifers/month • Parlor • SCC 150,000
Pre-fresh Udder Comfort sprayed 1x/day for 1 to 2 days before calving and 2x/day 3 to 5 days after calving
vs. None


• Gets udders softer, faster, for more milk.
• 3 to 4 lbs more milk at 14 DIM.
• Milk quality improved.

• Overcame edema around teats
and suspensory ligament,
getting udders ready to accept
volumes of milk.

“Promotes clean, quality start to lactation.”

Bob Keefer, Hard Earned Acres, Shippensburg, Pa. • 700 cows • Parlor • SCC 135,000
Pre-fresh Udder Comfort sprayed 1x/day for 5 to 7 days before calving and 2x/day 1 to 2 days after calving
vs. 2x/day for 5 to 7 days only after calving


• Zero mastitis in the groups receiving pre-fresh
Udder Comfort vs. 5 cases in groups that
did not receive pre-fresh Udder Comfort.

• Benefits of softer udders
observed visually, less irritation.
• Average 2.5 lbs more milk
by 40 DIM

“Simple, fast, easy way to get the job done.”
“Great for doing pre-fresh in headlocks or stalls.”
“Improves throughput when doing large groups
of fresh cows in the parlor.”
“Slick, portable, no air needed.”
“Sprays fast, easy, with cost-effective, uniform
coverage fore-udder to rear-udder.”
“On average, 1 gallon did 12 to 14 applications
on 40 to 50 fresh/pre-fresh udders.”
“One pass under the udder delivered the spray
pattern to the critical area to soften at start of

Quality Udders Make Quality Milk

Keep the milk in the system
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Call to
locate a
near you.
For external application to the udder only after milking,
as an essential component of udder management.
Always wash and dry teats thoroughly before milking.


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