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2014 Dion F41 W/ hay head, New CS V-Cut
processor rolls. Original Knives. Nice Unit. $43,500

2000 NH FP230 w/ 29P hayhead and CS V-Cut
processor. 1 year on total rebuild. $23,500

Fox 4110 w/ hayhead. Black Spout-late model.

New Holland FP230 w/ CS V-Cut KP rolls and
27P hayhead. Fresh rental return. $16,900

2019 Horning 1402 rotary cornhead.
Low Acres. $9,995

NH FP230 w/ hayhead and New CS V-Cut processor. Totally
rebuilt. New stainless steel spout. Tandem axle.
Sharp Apperance! $24,9.00

2010 New Holland FP240 w/ 29P 9ft hayhead.
CS V-Cut processor. Field ready!

Dion F61 4-row rotary head. Dion chopper
mounts. Need a couple bearings.
Mechanics Special! $12,500

New Holland FP240 w/ Lebanon processor.
Metalert III. Field Ready!

Dion F64 3-row rotary head. Dion chopper mounts.
Low Acres + Sharp Appearance!
Can adopt to NH FP230 - FP240. $16,500

2018 Horning 1403 3-row rotary head. Less
than 500 acres!

New Holland FP240 factory kernel
processor kit. Only 3 yrs. old.

CEAT - 340/85 R24 tires on 8-bolt rims. Tires @ 90%.
Comes w/ 8-bolt hubs to fit NH F8230 - FP230.
Year-End $1,150

JD 343 snaplage head w/ FP230 - FP240 adopter.
Decent rolls. Fresh Rental Return.

NH 29P 9ft. hayhead. Finger-feed auger.
Needs 1 tooth bar. Mechanics Special.

NH-27P hayhead. Nice & Straight.
Pickup was just rebuilt. $1,250

2012 NH 29P hayhead. Very Low Acres.
Nice appearance. Compare to New @ $6,500

NH 27P hayhead. Set up for FP230. A little
Rough, but everything works. $850

Fox Silo filler. Working Condition.

NH 3PN 3-row heads. 4 available.
Starting @ $6,500

JD 243 2-row snaplage head. 30”-row.
New chains & sprockets. Year-end $1,500

NH 900 w/ 990W hayhead. New Shearbar.
Consigned. $2,950

2012 Case IH FHX300 chopper. CS V-Cut processor.
Nice Appearance. Solid Unit. $21,900

John Deere 3970 w/ 7ft. hayhead. 1-season on horning
processor rolls. Ironguard. Long tounge. Green spout.
Field ready! $9,950

JD 343 Snapper head Calmer Knife rolls.
Poty snouts. Electric adjust deck plates.

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Financing Available to qualified buyers through Stearns Bank.

CS V-Cut processors. Free installation until 12-31-19.
FP230 $6,000. FP240 $6,500

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