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do you work in food
processing and use
a cLean-ouT-of-pLace
Tank aT work?
peopLe needed for
a research sTudy

if you have used a Clean-out-of-plaCe (Cop) parts washer
you may be qualified!
We are conducting a research study in Madison to
measure exposure to commonly used sanitizers when using a COP
tank and are looking for people who have experience with COP tanks
in the food, beverage, or dairy industries to take part in the study.
Your participation in the study will be limited to one day. To qualify
you must have occupational experience within the last 3 years with
a COP tank. You must be at least 18 years old as verified by a Government-issued ID, speak English or Spanish, know how to operate a
Clean-Out-of-Place tank, and be in good health.
You will be compensated up to $325 for your time.

For details and to find out if you qualify,
please call 1-877-298-7008


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