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Andy Finney likes a long drive. Long before he moved to Madison to be the
Bergstrom Cadillac general manager last year and well before he joined the
auto sales industry 15 years ago, Finney looked forward to a couple of hours in
the car every Sunday with his son Arthur.
“We drive all through town. We go downtown. We drive through the arboretum. We’re exploring,” Finney says. “It’s all new to us.”
Arthur, 20, has autism, and the car rides are something both he and his father
look forward to. “He loves it. It’s relaxing for him. Some of our best times are in
the car,” Finney says. “It’s just the two of us - listening to music.”
Finney says time in the car was always part of family life for him. He recalls
vacations that began in his childhood home in Iowa and took the family across
the country.
It is no wonder he found his way into the automotive industry. And even
though Cadillac sales are his stock in trade, Finney knows Bergstrom is selling
an experience as much as they are selling cars. That experience includes both
the initial purchase and the ongoing ownership of the vehicle.
Purchasing needs to be seamless, Finney says, so that buyers who begin their
research online after the kids go to bed can pick up exactly where they logged
off when they set foot in the dealership during their lunch breaks.
Bergstrom’s relatively new Fast and Friendly Upfront Pricing is a big part of that
purchasing experience. Instead of tricky negotiation, Non-Commission Sales
Advisors now start with the discounted value price and work with customers to
determine whether they are eligible for any incentives — such as repeat-customer loyalty offers — that would lower prices by a predetermined amount.
The new pricing model effectively shifted conversations away from cost. “It
turned our salespeople into product experts instead of negotiators overnight,”
Finney says, noting that the new sales model enables employees to focus exclusively on meeting customer needs. He believes their sales approach, which
includes the Price Protection Guarantee (assuring customers their prices are
the best available) and the 72-Hour Buy Back Guarantee (giving customers the
option to return a vehicle if it doesn’t meet their expectations) demonstrate the
dealership’s commitment to service.
“Our guests have options,” Finney says. “We like to give them every reason to
see the logic in doing business with us.”

1200 Applegate Rd. Madison
(608) 271-2211 •

Then there is the car owner experience, and this is where Cadillac shines.
Features like hands-free highway driving, vehicle-to-vehicle communication to
alert drivers to emerging hazards and automatic contacts to roadside support
when needed are all meant to ease worry, improve safety and enhance the experience of driving a Cadillac. The goal is for you, the owner, to settle in, lock
in your music and — whether you are heading to work or setting out on your
latest grand adventure — simply enjoy the ride.


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