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“But what impressed me is we had zero mastitis...”
— Bob Keefer

HARD EARNED ACRES, Bob and Barb Keefer
700 cows, RHA 28,900M
SCC 100 to 135,000
“We try to do things right and get better. After starting fresh cows on
Udder Comfort™ 2 years ago, I was impressed with our improved SCC
Quality Udders Make Quality Milk
and production. I’m sold on this even before the pre-fresh trial,” says Bob
To locate a distributor and learn more about the
Keefer, milking 700 cows at Hard Earned Acres, Shippensburg, Pa.
Bob alternated months for groups of heifers to get Udder Comfort mostly
before they calved, 1x/day 5 to 7 days pre-fresh and 2x/day 1 to 2 days
post-fresh. “We averaged more milk across groups getting it pre-fresh,
and I could see the benefits when I lined them up every Friday.
“But what impressed me is we had zero mastitis in groups getting
Udder Comfort pre-fresh, and treated 5 cases in groups that did not,”
Bob reports. “That’s big. We’ll keep using Udder Comfort on the pre-fresh
and include the mature cows.”

new Backpack Sprayer, call 1.888.773.7153

For external application to the udder only, after milking, as an
essential component of udder management. Always wash and
dry teats thoroughly before milking.


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