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There’s a better way
forward for Wisconsin.

American Transmission Company (ATC) and its partners have proposed
a 125-mile transmission line that would run from Middleton to Dubuque.
This is NOT a green energy line.
This is NOT NEEDED to keep the lights on.
A recent report from the Center on Wisconsin Strategy* suggests
using Wisconsin-generated clean, renewable energy could:
- lower total energy use
- create 162,000 energy related jobs
- retain $14 billion in energy annually in Wisconsin
- lower CO2 emissions
- increase tax revenues by over $500 million/annually

Let’s build a clean future together.
Join these experts, your friends and neighbors June 25th-27th
at the final PSC Public Hearings to oppose the CHC line and
demand a forward-thinking energy plan for our state.
Learn more at
Ad paid for by Driftless Area Land Conservancy.
We are grateful to our partners: Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, Driftless Defenders,
Wisconsin Farmers Union, Western Dane Preservation Campaign, SOUL of Wisconsin,
Grant County CHC opposition team, Vermont Citizens Powerline Action Committee
and the many intervenors and volunteers. #ProtectTheDriftless #StopCHC
*Wisconsin Opportunity in Domestic Energy Production: The Economic and Health Benefits of 100% In-State Energy Production
by David Abel and Katya Spear, Center on Wisconsin Strategy (COWS), University of Wisconsin - Madison, February 4, 2019


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