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sChLIeCKau Farms INC
7185 state highway 23, Loganville, WI 53943
Tuesday, November 19

10:30 am

LoCaTIoN: 4 miles South of Loganville or 7 miles North of
Plain on State Highway 23.
LuNCh: Lunch Box Express
NoTe: A good solid herd of dairy cows. The Schlieckau
family has been milking cows on this farm for 4 generations.
For further information call Dave @ (608)-345-3958.
152 head oF hoLsTeIN daIry CaTTLe: 132 Holstein
Cows, 70 fresh 90 days or less, 36 springers and the balance
milking and bred as explained sale day. 20-Holstein Heifers,
bred 6+ months. The herd is on a monthly Herd health
program with Sunrise Vet Clinic, Reedsburg. The Somatic Cell
count has consistently been in the area of 150 to 200. Cows
show good size and type. If you are in need dairy cows be
sure to attend the Schlieckau Farms complete cow dispersal.
Terms: Cash or good check. Visa/MasterCard with
convenience fee.
GavIN bros auCTIoNeers
(WraC # 274)
bob Gavin (#185), Jim Gavin (#2387), matt Gavin (#2389)
296 main st. reedsburg – 112 5th ave. baraboo
608-524-6416 – 608-356-9437 –