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Friday, Jan. 24th 12Noon
Outstanding Dairy Cattle, Hay & Bedding

Yoap’s Blue Ribbon Farm
11232 Ledge Lane, Coleman, WI

50 Holstein & Jersey-cross Milk Cows
Kaufman Farms of Crivitz!

Selling 24 Cows handpicked from Kaufman Farms of Crivitz.
These will be a lot of Fresh Cows in 1st & 2nd lactations that
are Flush in Milk! They are on Official DHI Test with a 305d
ME Avg: 28,761m 1145f 866p with only 70SCC! They are
Freestall housed and milked in a Parlor. Current on all shots
& eat a TMR balanced by Nutrition Service.
Here’s a Few Standouts to look for:
Cow 1978: Just Fresh in Dec & looking Great!
A Casanova daughter that just fin-ished a
30,000m record with 1250f & 900p
Cow 2019: 4yr old Stoic daughter with almost
35,000m selling Fresh 4 weeks!
Cow 2067: 118# milk with 15 SCC! This is a
fancy 3yr old sired by Emerald
Cow 2197: A Barclay just Fresh w/ 2nd calf.
She’s milking 114# with 13 SCC
Cow 2313: A 1st lactation Altivo daughter
producing 85# milk with 21 SCC
Also selling a small herd of Holstein & Jersey-cross cows that are milked in tie stalls.
They eat outside at a Feed Bunk with TMR rations and have regular hoof trimming.
High Components and a low SCC. They should easily adapt to parlor milking.
Plan now to look these cattle over on Thursday, Jan. 23rd or on Auction Morning.
Top Quality cows!

Hundreds of Big Bales of Hay & Cornstalks

(2) Semi-loads of low-potassium 1st crop Timothy grass hay in big square bales (Loaded &
ready to Deliver), (50) big square bales of 2nd Crop dry Alfalfa hay, (100) 4x5ft round bales
of 3rd Crop Baleage soft grass & alfalfa wrapped bales, (400) 4x70” round bales of 3rd Crop
Baleage—tested 226 RFV, (150) 4x5ft net wrapped round bales of Shredded Cornstalk, (800)
4x6ft net wrapped bales of Shredded Cornstalk
Terms of Sale: Cash or Check w/ Letter of Credit. RWAC #480 Cols. Henry & Len Yoap, RWA
338 & 339 11149 Ledge Lane, Coleman, WI 54112

YOAP & YOAP Auction & Real Estate (920) 604-1704