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The Madison Police Department
and Madison Area Crime Stoppers need YOUR
help identifying an armed home invasion and
attempted homicide suspect.
On June 11th, around 6:00am, a 42-year-old man showed up at
a Madison Hospital with a minor gunshot wound to the head.
He never called police, but officers were dispatched to the
hospital after he arrived with a graze wound to the head which
required stitches. The victim told police he was shot in the
head inside his McKenna Blvd home around 3:40am. The MPD’s
Violent Crime Unit is seeking to identify one of two involved
suspects in this armed home invasion and attempted homicide.
The victim fought with the intruder and he believes he inflicted
serious facial injuries to one of the men. Please visit Madison
Area Crime Stoppers on Facebook or to view
the surveillance photos of the suspect.

If you hAve Any InforMAtIon regArdIng thIS AtteMPted hoMICIde And
ArMed hoMe InvASIon, PleASe ContACt MAdISon AreA CrIMe StoPPerS At
266-6014, or, on the web, At P3tIPS.CoM
IndIvIduAlS ContACtIng CrIMe StoPPerS CAn reMAIn AnonyMouS And MAy be
elIgIble for A CASh rewArd.

Since its creation in 1983, Madison Area Crime Stoppers has:
• Solved 3,547 cases and tips have lead to the arrest of 2,292 people.
• Received 29,047 tips.
• Recovered $5,819,862 in narcotics and $1,823,429 in property.


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