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Invest for good

Seek returns and drive change through impact investing
In celebration of Earth Day this month, we’re excited to showcase sustainable investing (SI), otherwise known as impact investing.
In a recent research piece titled UBS Investor Watch, Return on values, UBS surveyed more than 5,300 investors in 10 markets on
sustainable investing. While some understand the basic concept, confusion about its various approaches and impact is widespread.
Seventy-two percent of respondents noted that it’s difficult to gauge the impact of sustainable investing, but there are ways to measure
the difference SI makes. These include investing in instruments whose proceeds are earmarked for specific sustainable causes with
transparent reporting. Investing sustainably makes a measurable difference, and evidence suggests investors don’t need to sacrifice
returns while doing so.
Sustainable investors are focused on areas such as environmental impact, products companies produce, treatment
of employees and company ethics. The percentage of investors surveyed top priorities include:





Pollution and waste
(e.g., limit toxic

Climate change
(e.g., manage carbon

(e.g., manage water

Products and services
(e.g., source responsibly)




(e.g., avoid anticompetitive practices)

(e.g., develop their

(e.g., transparency
across executive pay)

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