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New HollaNd
Skid & Track

Used gleaner s67 combine; 4wd,
CHA, radio; 314 hp; 6 cyl; 513
cu; hydro-4speed; deluxe seat;
guidance ready; HID lights; varpitch fan; fine cut chopper; chaff
spreader; 605 eng hrs; #b23880

Used harvestec 6308fc; 8Row
narrow folding chopping head,
hydraulic deck plates, single point
hookup,fore and aft leveling,
#b25304 $59,500

New new holland l218 skidloader; 1 speed,
mechanical controls, suspension seat, lap bar,
hydraulic coupler, block heater, steel lights with turn
signals, 10x16.5 tires, standard flow hydraulics, radio.

60 moNTH $399/moNTH
400 Hr per year leaSe

New new holland l220 ssl skidloader; cha, two
speed hand/foot controls, suspension vinyl seat, lap
bar, hydraulic coupler, block heater, radio, 12x16.5
heavy duty tires. E39589!

60 moNTH $435/moNTH

landoll 2130-17 coulter chisel,
17 shank, new shovels, rock flex
with 22” coulter blades, auto-reset
shanks, tandem axle main frame
w/ 32X15.5-16.5SL 14 PLY TIRES,
12.5L- 15 FI tires on wings,pintal
hitch,#b26084  $47,500

we have

Used deutz 7120 4wd, CHA;
Radio; 135 E-HP; 122 PTO HP;
6 cyl synchronized wl partial
power shift; 54011000 PTO;
front weight bracket; 3rd arm;
2 set of remotes #b25358
mechanic’s special $18,950

Used case ih 9270 tractor with
Cummins 14L 6 cylinder engine,
Articulate 4wd, Cab w/ Heat &
AC, Radio, 12Fx3R Synchroshift
Transmission, Bare Back, 4 Sets
of Remotes, 20.8R42 Tires , 8041
Hours, #b25905 $38,500

tractor, 4wd, Cab w/ Heat, AC
& Radio, 15Fx4R Full Powershift
Transmission, 1 3/4” 1000 RPM
PTO, 3 Set of Rear Remotes, 172
Eng. HP, 162 PTO HP, Quick Hitch,
20 Front Weights, 380/85R30 Front
Tires w/ Fenders, 480/80R42 Rear
Tires w/ Axle Hubs & Inner Wheel
Weights, 5891 Hours, #b25540

Used great plains ut3030 Vertical
till; 20” Vortex blades; Phoenix
Harrow Remlinger rolling basket
#b24984 $26,999

Used john deere 956 moco
discbine; 2pt; 1000PTO; Ctr
pivot; 14’6” cut; 9 discs #b25384

john deere s680 combine w/ 13.5L 824cu
in diesel engine rated at 473 hp w/ 50hp power
boost.premium cab with radio,heat and AC,HID
lighting w/extremity lights, autotrac ready
with harvest monitor, 2630 screen mounted
on arm rest,Pro-Drive transmission with
harvest smart. two wheel drive w/520/85R42
dual drive tires, 23.1 X26 steering tires
,command touch multi spreader drive,S-series
cleaning shoe,custom cutter extended wear
package,clean grain auger and fan bottom
protection kit, engine block heater, concave
cover plates, 300 bushel grain tank,7.9m
unloading auger, 1384 seperator hours, 2126
engine hours, #b25261 $194,999

Used jd 640fd 40’ Flex Draper
#b25262 $48,999

Used john deere 2810 plow, 5
Bottom Vary Width Spring Reset,
9.5L-14 Tires, Hyd. Cylinder &
Hoses, Rear Lights, Shares, Points
& Coulters #b25513 $18,995

Used h&s 7+4 forage box, 16’
Long, LH Apron Unload, 12 Speed
Apron, 540 RPM PTO, Rear Lights,
EZ Trail 1274 Tandem Gear - 12 Ton,
Extendable Pole, 12.5L-15 Tires,
b26259 $13,999

Used case ih 1660 combine,
2wd, Cab w/ Heat & AC, Radio,
Hydro Transmission, Yield Monitor,
Chaff Spreader, 180 Bushel, 190
Eng. HP, 6 Cyl., F30.5L-32 Front
Tires, Bushel, 190 Eng. HP, 6 Cyl.,
F30.5L-32 Front Tires, #b26339

Used john deere 726 soil mulch
finisher, 15’ 6” Width, 20” Rock
Flex Front Discs, 7” Spacing,
C-Spring Loaded Shanks, Depth
Indicator, Rear Lights, 5 Bar
Rear Spike Harrow, 7.60-15 Tires
#b25814 $16,999

Used new holland 330r large
square baler, Rotor Cutter, 1 3/4”
1000 RPM PTO, Roller Bale Chute,
Applicator, Small Hand Wash Tank,
Tandem Axle w/ 550/45R22.5 Tires,
35.4x31.5x108 Bale Size #b25871

Used patz 615 Vertical mixer,
1200 Series, Single Screw, LH or RH
Front Discharge, 1 3/8” 1000 RPM
PTO, EZ2500V Digistar Monitor,
245/70Rl9.5 Tires on Tandem Axle,
2 Sets of Remotes Needed #b25640

Used genie s-60 boom lift, 4x4,
Open ROPS, 8’ Swivel Basket,
60’ Platform Height, 60’ Reach,
355/55D625 Tires, Diesel Engine,
Weight 21000 Lbs., 2096 Hours
#b26320 $29,999

Used sunflower 1434-30 disc,
c-Flex Discs, Hyd. Self Leveling, 22”
Discs, 9” Spacing, 12.5L-15 Tires,
Tandem on Main Frame, Singles
on Wings, 20.5x80 Gauge Wheels,
Remlinger 3 Bar Spike Harrow
#b25553 $24,850

Used haybuster 2564 bale
processor, 1000 RPM PTO, Over
Running Clutch on PTO, 1/2”
Screen, Adjustable Slug Bars, 40
Flails, Rear Slef Loading Hydraulic
Operated Forks, Min. HP of 80,
44” Blower, 31x10.50R15L Tires
#b26097 $26,995



r $1

Used nh bb940 big square baler,
model year 2000, 35”x32”x98,
roller bale chute, small 1000 pto,
bale ejector; applicator; 27000 bale
count, single axle with 600/55-22.5
tires,#b23337 $32,999

Used massey ferguson 5611 tractor
w/ loader, Dyna-4 Transmission (16
Speed Powershift), Air Suspension Seat,
540/1000 RPM PTO, 2 Sets of Remotes,
Rear Wiper & Worklights, Handrails, Rear
Fenders, 4 Cyl. Engine, 105 Eng. HP, 80
PTO HP, Cab w/ Heat & AC, F380/85R28
Front Tires, R460/85R38 Rear Tires,
MF 941 Loader w/ 94” Quick Attach
Bucket, Warranty Remaining, 1300 Hours
#b26223 $62,995

new holland t8275 tractor, with 19
speed power with 19 speed power band
radio mount, electrical armrest adj,right
hand wiper, AM/FM/WB/CD bluetooth radio,
guidance complete w/ Nav lll, class 4.75
suspended front axle, S-electric scv, power
beyound return valve, hydraulic trailer brakes,
rear pto, engine and transmissions heaters,
4inch X 120 inch rear, 710/70R42 rear tires ,
420/85R34 front tires, beacon light, 1226 one
owner hours, local #b25257 $134,999

Used new holland t6175 tractor 16 x
16 Semi Powershift Transmission, Class
4 MFWD w/ wet plate diff lock ,High
Visabilty Cab w/ Heat & AC, 540/1000
RPM PTO, 2 Sets of Rear Remotes, Electric
Mirrors, Rear Wiper and Washer, 10 Front
Weights w/ Front Pin Hook, Sun Roof,98
in Bar Axle w/ Cast Wheels ,380/85R30
Front Tires 460/85R42 Rear Tires w/
Wheel Weights, Large Hyd Pump,Air Seat,
Beacon Lights, 1474.0#b25641 $74,995

400 Hr per year leaSe

Used badger 115 forage dump
box, Hydrualic Dump, 1 Electric
Power Port w/ Set of Couplers,
Extendable Pole, 425/65R22 . 5
Tires #b25455 $19,999

New new holland c227 skidsteer; cab, heat, air;
air seat; lap bar; hyd plate; manual controls; perf
pkg w/ electrical; mirror kit; 2 speed; 72” bucket w/
cutting edge. C17736 .................................. call!

60 moNTH $455/moNTH

400 Hr per year leaSe
100 new

skid loaders
in stock.
call today!

Used nh l220 skidsteer; CHA;
Radio; hand & foot control; 67 HP;
powertach; 80” L/P 8kt w/cutting
edge; loegering tracks; 2 speed,
#b25240 $26,999

Used loftness 240sh64246-7 20’
stalk chopper, w/60” C Style Flails,
1 3/8 1000 RPM PTO, Rear Lights,
Hyd. Cylinder & Hoses, 9.5L-15 Tires
on Tandem Axle, #b26055 $16,999

Used case ih 2206 corn head, 6
Row Narrow, Single Auger Drive,
Knife Rolls #b26193 $19,550

skidloader, Cab w/ Heat & AC,
Radio, Hand/Foot Controls, Hyd.
Quick Attach, 2 Speed, 12x16.5
Tires, 3198 Hours #b26552
 originally $20,495

see us 1st,
last & inbetween

Used j mark 42’ semi grain trailer;
aluminum; air ride; 54” belt; rear unload;
#b25397  $18,495

Used roto-mix 414-14b mixer, 400 Cub. Ft.
Capacity, LH Side Discharge w/ 20” Chute,
Magnets, Hyd. Lowering, 3 Bar Horizontal
w/ Auger, 2 Sets of Remotes Required, DigiStar SLR2400V Monitor, 385/65R22.5 Tires
#b25687 $12,995

Used john deere 318d skidsteer, Cab
w/ Heat & AC, Hand/Foot Controls, Single
Speed, 10x16.5 Tires, Manual Quick Attach,
4 Cyl. 63 HP Engine, 1584 Hours #b25680

new holland c238 compact track loader
90 gross horse power, SAE operating
load 3800#,two speed w/ E-H controls,
cab w/ heat, air,and radio air ride seat w/
temperature control, floor mat, steel hoods &
covers, hydraulic quick coupler, engine block
heater, turn signals, performance package
w/ on-off one way self leveling and ride glide,
1012 hours, #b25181 $52,900

Used new holland db316r discbine,
15’7” Wide Cut, Rubber Rolls, 1 3/8” 1000
RPM PTO, Center Pivot, Hydraulic Swing
Tongue, Quick Change Knives, Drawbar
Swivel Hitch, Hydraulic Header Tilt #b25795

Used new holland h7230 discbine, 10’4”
Wide Cut, Side Pole w/ Hydraulic Swing,
Rubber Rolls, 540 RPM PTO, 11L-15 Tires
#b25793 $15,999

Used sunflower 6630-32 Vertical tillage,
21” Blades, 7.5” Spacing, Hydraulic Self
Leveling, Double Clevis Hitch, 11L15x10 Tires
#b25495 $32,450

Used haybuster h1000 tub grinder, feeder
mixer, manual fold rubber belted conveyor,
manual crank winch up and down, big 1000
and small 1000 pto, 11L-15 new #b22465


Used new holland 166 hay inverter, ground drive,
conveyor extension, 65” pick up, 500-15 tires

2 available - yoUr choice!!
oriGinally $3,500 only $2,800


john deere 344e wheel
heat, snow tires, 2 yd
bucket would make a
great snow plow unit!
only $26,995

genie s-60 man lift 4x4,
60 foot reach, diesel
engine, runs great
sale $28,800

just in! wacker rd880
dual drum roller,
rolls, 16 hp gas, only
531 hours, super nice!

it’s like

doosan dx85 midi excavator,
comes with 36” bucket, hyd
quick coupler, hyd thumb and
much more!

doosan list $115,520
dynamite price! $89,500

contact mark wisinski 715-281-9824

Standard Warranty 3 yearS/ 5000 HourS!* CHeCK out our HuGe SeLeCtIon oF
dooSan eXCaVatorS and WHeeL LoaderS! tradeS WeLCoMe! * See deaLer For detaILS.

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