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Improve Public Speaking Skills

o you tremble and lock
up at the thought of
public speaking? Then a
job interview is probably
not your forte. If you
struggle to keep your
composure in the face of
a public interaction, here
are some relaxation tips
that can help you find
your comfort zone:

Recognize it
The first step toward realizing
you may be in need of some
stress reduction is recognizing
its onset. This can help you
effectively address it before it
overtakes you. Some of the
most common indicators of
stress or nerves include muscle
tightening, clenched hands or
Even the strongest of resumes
and qualifications can be
overshadowed by interview
stress. Try to take a moment
to breathe and calm down
before continuing with your
conversation. Realize that
you are simply chatting with
another person and that they
are probably also nervous
about finding a quality
Deal With it
The American Institute of
Stress offers other ways
to relive tense situations,
including clenching and
relaxing muscles or thinking of
a soothing image. Each person
can have their own measures
for effectively reducing stress.

Find yours and stick with it
for a stress-free job interview.
If you can, look for humor in
stressful interview situations.
As long as it’s not over the
top, humor can be a great
stress-reliever during any kind
of tense communications.
Engage in any small talk that

your interviewer initiates and
look for ways to incorporate a
funny story or comment.
PRePaRation is Key
Just as in most aspects of
life, practice makes perfect.
The more prepared you are
entering an interview, the less

likely you will be overcome
with nervous energy and
stress. If there are certain
questions that really get you
rattled, practice answering
these inquiries in a mirror
prior to the interview. Take
note of your facial and body
expressions, and try to keep

them as positive as possible.
Giving off any type of negative
vibe is never a good thing
during an interview, because
hiring managers are looking
for honesty and reason to
believe that you are the
strongest candidate to help
move their company forward.


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