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Seed Corn
Hi-GeSt 360 AlfAlfA

• Low Lignon Technology
• Higher intake and digestibility for more milk/meat
• Delivered in elite genetics
• Better quality without changing harvest practices
• Harvest flexibility options

*alfalfa from Wl, lG, Jung and Public Varieties
*Clover, Grasses, Barley, oats
and Pea & oat Mixes too.

This is The Year To Go For The MaxiMuM Yield
These innovative technologies can help you get there


A complete, fully-chelated
secondary and micronutrient
formulation. It provides a synergistic,
comprehensive and plant-available
blend to compliment liquid NPK.

Amisorb makes your fertilizer
available to the plant longer; especially
phosphate. Amisorb is patented,
proven and registered in Wisconsin.
Use with liquid or dry fertilizer.

Fortifies fertility programs by enhancing
the soil and building a more robust root mass.
Contains a proprietary blend of mycorrhizae, amino acids,
humic acids and carbohydrates.
sweet Corn

Cuppa Joe (72 day bi-color)
Fantastic (74 day bi-color)
Primus (81 day bi-color)
Vision (75 day yello


Kennebec (white)
Superior (white)
Goldrush (russet)
Burbank (russet)
Dark Red Norland (red)
Pontiac (red)
Yukon Gold (yellow)
Austrian Crescent (fingerling)
Adirondack Blue (blue)

onion sets and Plants

Yellow (sets)
White (sets)
Red (sets)
Yellow Spanish (plants)
Walla Walla (plants)
Candy (plants)
Patterson (plants)
Red Zeppelin (plants)
Alisa Craig Exhibition (plants)
Candy Apple Red (plants)

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