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Ol’ Joe


Male, Senior Weighs 35 pounds
Available for adoption at Dane
County Humane Society, at the
main shelter (5132 Voges Road)
For more information, please visit
Ol’ Joe may be an older canine gentleman, but he is a big
orite is a green stuffed shark. In addition
puppy at heart!! He loves to play with squeaky toys, of which his ffavorite
to enjoying the company of people, he also enjoys the company of dogs. In fact, it would be best if he was
adopted by someone who already has a dog or two, or more. Ol’ Joe has spent some time here at DCHS
since the end of May when he was found wandering stray in the countryside. He was so skinny, his hip
bones were clearly visible. Ol’ Joe has since been staying in the home of a foster volunteer, gaining weight
at a good pace. He still has some more weight to gain, but he is well on his road for recovery. Schedule an
appointment to meet this sweet guy by calling the Adoption Center at (608) 838-0413 ext. 145!

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