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Exact Sciences is proud be working with Jerry Kelly to
drive home the importance of colon cancer screening.

Well done, Jerry!

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Cologuard is intended for the qualitative detection of colorectal neoplasia associated DNA markers and for the presence of
occult hemoglobin in human stool. A positive result may indicate the presence of colorectal cancer (CRC) or advanced adenoma
(AA) and should be followed by diagnostic colonoscopy. Cologuard is indicated to screen adults of either sex, 50 years or older,
who are at typical average-risk for CRC. Cologuard is not a replacement for diagnostic colonoscopy or surveillance colonoscopy
in high risk individuals.
Cologuard is not for high risk individuals, including those with a history of colorectal cancer and advanced adenoma, a family
history of colorectal cancer, IBD or certain hereditary syndromes. Positive Cologuard results should be referred to diagnostic
colonoscopy. A negative Cologuard test result does not guarantee absence of cancer or advanced adenoma. Following a
negative result, patients should continue participating in a screening program at an interval and with a method appropriate for
the individual patient. Cologuard performance when used for repeat testing has not been evaluated or established. Rx only.

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