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Game Changers

Dr. Christopher Dale & Dr. Christopher Eckerman
Dr. Christopher Dale is an expert in sports medicine, joint replacement, minimally invasive procedures, and conditions like carpal tunnel.
He has performed thousands of surgeries and has worked with professional and collegiate level athletes. He uses Conformis® technology,
a made-to-order knee replacement built using 3D technology.
Dr. Christopher Eckerman is an expert in foot and ankle care including forefoot and rearfoot reconstruction, diabetic foot care, foot & ankle
trauma, pediatric podiatry, orthotic & custom bracing and much more. He has performed thousands of surgeries including total ankle joint

See what a difference Dr. Dale, Dr. Eckerman, and the
orthopedics and podiatry teams at RAMC can make for
you. Visit for more information. Or call
608-768-3900 to schedule an appointment.


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