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Customize Your Resume

hen applying for
jobs, it’s becoming
increasingly important
to stand out in a crowd.
Many companies use
software to find qualified
candidates; it’s likely your
resume won’t even be
reviewed by an actual
And even if it does get a set

of human eyes, a recent study
by employment experts The
Ladders shows hiring managers
only spend about six seconds
reviewing a resume before
making a decision.
Customizing your application
to the specifications of a hiring
advertisement can give you an
advantage. Your document must
be neat, impressive and well
organized to make an impression.
Here are a few strategies to get a
call back.

enough to entice a hiring manager.

how to highlight your employment

It’s crucial to analyze each job


description you are applying for
and fine-tune your resume to its

According to a study by Jobscan,

consider experiences
While work experience and

more than 98 percent of Fortune 500

education play a major role in

companies use an applicant tracking

meeting qualifications, don’t forget

system to sort through candidates.

the extracurricular activities. For

Highlight the key terms you see frequently.

This system picks the most qualified

instance, if it applies to the job,

requirements of the job. Look for key

When creating your resume, it’s important

applications based on qualifications

consider including any volunteer roles

words and phrases when considering

to phrase qualifications similarly to how an

and keywords.

or charitable positions you have held.

specifications. Within a post, you

Understand the Job

should analyze the responsibilities and

Even a degree and work experience
in a particular field may not be

Finding the right

employer lists them on their advertisement.

Print out physical copies of job postings.


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