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Profit much more

Relieve heat stress, lower SCC, improve
quality milk production & preg. rate
“We love our Registered Holstein herd and seeing them improve. Immu-Pro has
given us peace of mind because of it’s effectiveness and no side effects, and it’s as
‘mistake proof’ as you can get. With better repro health and milk quality, stronger
heat cycles and better preg. rate, our milk checks look much better now. You can’t
force milk prices up, but Immu-Pro can help get you more milk quality premiums. A
300-400 SCC was too high for us. With Immu-Pro in the ration every day, SCC is down
to 80-110; plus calves are healthier and grow faster. Immu-Pro helps us profit more.”

Jeff Wille, Image Point Dairy LLC, Rice Lake, WI

SCC 80-110

Your success is our commitment

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