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Molly loves to hunt, but it’s pretty hard to hunt
with “cherry eyes”. Surgery is needed for Molly,
but eye surgery is expensive. Veterinarians in
Northeast Wisconsin have been marvelous
to Keshena Animal Help & Rescue, but there
is a limit if you want to stay in business. Our
continuous battle with Lyme and heartworm
disease on the Menominee Reservation that we
started in 2006 is winning, but it has depleted our
funds for this fall. A small donation from many
animal lovers is the only answer. Would you be
kind enough to be one of those people?
If you are, please send you donation to:
c/o Keshena Animal Help & Rescue
c/o Lisa Wilson,Co-Treas.
N1420 Wood Duck Way, Keshena, WI 54135

KAHR is a non-profit organization (501c3).
For more information or veterinary confirmation, please call 920-336-0108 for PayPal


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