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Herd Dispersal at Yoap’s Blue Ribbon Farm
11232 Ledge Lane, Coleman, WI

Located 5 1/2 miles West of Coleman or 1/2 mile East of Klondike on County B
to Ledge Lane, then 1 mile North. (Turn by the Big Cow)

Friday, October 25th *12 Noon
65 Head of Holstein & Colored Breeds!

Hinz Family Farm of VanDyne
& Some
Blue Tag


Generations of Top
Management. The Herd is on DHI test with over 21,000 ME Herd Avg, 4.25% fat & 3.06%
protein. The yearly SCC Avg is below 200 and Many cows have Records from 20,000 to
28,000. Most of the cows are only in 1st & 2nd lactations and have great feet, legs & nice
round udders. Most of the Cows are Holsteins, also a few Jersey-cross, Swiss-cross and
Red & Whites. A lot of great bulls from Select Sires are represented. The bulk tank has
also been tested negative for mycoplasma, staph-A & strep-A. Also selling 5-6 Springing
homebred heifers. These cattle are freestall housed & stall-barn milked.
This sale is being completed with an Outstanding Group of hand-picked Parlor
milked Blue Tag cows that are producing from 80 to over 100# daily. They will enter your
herd and rise to the Top of your Production List. Plan now to Attend!
Terms of Sale: Cash or Check w/ Letter of Credit. RWAC #480 Cols. Henry & Len Yoap,
RWA 338 & 339 11149 Ledge Lane, Coleman, WI 54112

YOAP & YOAP Auction & Real Estate

(920) 604-1704


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