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A meeting of the Madison Area Technical College District Board was held on October
2, 2019, at Madison Area Technical College Goodman South Campus, 2429 Perry
Street, Madison, Wisconsin.
Board members present: Shiva Bidar-Sielaff, Elton Crim, Kelly Crombie, Randy
Guttenberg, Arlyn Halvorson, Joseph Hasler, Frances Huntley-Cooper, Melanie
Lichtfeld, and Ananda Mirilli.
Also present: Jack E. Daniels, President; Jon Anderson, Legal Counsel; Valentina
Ahedo, Dean of Goodman South Campus; Rose Buschhaus, Associate Vice-President
of Human Resources; Tim Casper, Vice-President of Institutional Learning and
Effectiveness; James Falco, Associate Vice-President of Regional Campuses; Lucía
Nuñez, Vice-President of Equity, Inclusion and Community Engagement; Howard
Spearman, Vice-President of Student Affairs and Chief Student Services Officer; and
Mark Thomas, Vice-President of Administrative Services and Chief Financial Officer.
Others present: Mike Lussenden, Full-Time Instructor and President of Local 243;
Jennie May, Reporting Analyst and Combined Charitable Campaign Co-Chair; Jennifer
Zarrinnam, Executive Assistant and Combined Charitable Campaign Co-Chair; Aaron
Schattschneider, Student Representative; and Kristin Rolling, Recording Secretary.
Call to Order I
The meeting was duly noticed and called to order at 5:30 p.m.
Routine Business Matters II
Approval of Meeting Minutes II A
There was a motion Ms. Bidar-Sielaff, seconded by Mr. Halvorson,to approve the
meeting minutes of September 4, 2019, as submitted. Motion carried.
Public Comments II B
Mr. Lussenden shared that the Madison College full-time faculty anticipates that
the new full-time faculty compensation plan will be bold and innovative, will honor the
professional development of faculty, and that represents the values of the college and
its faculty.
New Business III
Communications III A
Board Chair’s Report III A 1
Future Meeting & Event Schedule III A 1 a
Ms. Huntley-Cooper praised Madison College staff for a successful grand opening
event for the Goodman South Campus. She also asked Board members to review the
Meeting and Event Schedule.
Student Liaison Report IIIA 2
Mr. Schattschneider reported that one priority for him as a student leader is to work
with the college to find effective and creative ways to help students address mental
health issues.
College/Campus Announcements III A 3
Ms. Ahedo welcomed the District Board to the Goodman South Campus. She shared
that about 100 faculty and staff work at the campus. The current enrollment is about
2,000 students, surpassing the initial goal of 1,500 students. Forty percent of those
students, 680, are new to the college and 40 percent also reside in zip codes identified
as South Madison.
President’s Report III A 4
Dr. Daniels reported that Madison College was recently designated as a National
Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education by the US Department of
Homeland Security and the US National Security Agency, one of 272 institutions in the
country to receive the designation.
Dr. Daniels recognized the artists, graphic designers, committee members, and
community advisors who participated in the creation of art, the history wall, and the
community wall at the Goodman South Campus, all of which reflect the Hmong, LatinX,
Ho-Chunk, and African American cultures in South Madison.
Lower Level
Legacies, by Jerry Jordan
Vim MuajNej (From Your Hands), Ying Ye Lor
Human Fractal, Richie Morales
First Floor
Poppies, Ginseng & Sugar Peas: My Ancestral Landscape, Pa Na Lor
Welcome Home, Odalo Magruder Wasikhongo
The Creator of Four Lakes, Christopher J. Sweet
The Tree of Life, Angelica Contreras
Second Floor
Image 1 History: Mewinzha – Long Time Ago
Image 2 Current: Miizhigwa – At This Time
Image 3 Future: Waaban – Tomorrow, Gordon M. Coons
Your Legacy, Choua Xiong
Mothers of the South Side, Jerry Butler
The Exclusive Path, Linda Mathis-Rose
ZebraDog, a local graphic design company, developed the exhibits in the campus
alcoves. The members of the committee charged with managing the project were
Lucía Nuñez, Vice President, Equity and Inclusion; Mike Stark, Facilities Director; Greg
Schulte, Fine Arts Faculty Member; Sarah Stolte, Fine Arts Faculty member and DTEC
211 Art Gallery Lab Coordinator; Frances Huntley-Cooper, District Board Member,
and Valentina Ahedo, Dean of Goodman South Campus. Dr. Frieda High Wasikhongo
Tesfagioris, University of Wisconsin Madison Department of Afro-American Studies
Professor Emeritus; Jonathan Gramling, Capital City Hues Editor; and Caroline
Altfeather, ZebraDog Director of Project Management, served as advisors to the
Dr. Frieda High Wasikhongo Tesfagioris was instrumental in contacting artists and
securing their commitment to the individual pieces installed throughout the Goodman
South Campus.
Mr. Gramling, played a key role in coordinating the work related to Community Wall,
connecting the college with his vast network of community leaders who consulted on
the project. He also contributed a significant number of photos for the project. Each
ethnic group developed a display for the wall. A layered piece, each was constructed
layer by layer with input from several individuals along the way and was constructed into
a cohesive piece. ZebraDog was essential to helping each team develop their vision
and incorporating all of it into the one, final piece.
African American Panel
Jon Gramling, Frances Huntley Cooper, Dr. Freida High Wasikhongo Tesfagiorgis, and
Linda Mathis Rose, along with ZebraDog, were the group that developed the various
layers of this piece. Jerry Butler was also consulted. Kay Simmons, a retired University
of Wisconsin administrator and quilting enthusiast, provided the pattern for the first
layer. From there, the group selected photographs from Jon’s collection, and Dr. Freida
High Wasikhongo Tesfagiorgis contributed several items from her personal collection
for the display case.
Latino Panel
Here Jon Gramling was essential as well. He helped convene a group of Latino artists
at Centro Hispano along with representatives from ZebraDog, including Caroline
Altfeather, Lucia Nunez, Mike Stark and Valentina Ahedo. Local artists included
Veronica Figueroa, Richie Morales, Juan de Hoyos, Melissa Torres, Andreas Adia,
Yvette Pino, Angelica Contreras, and Leo Salazar. The group met at Centro Hispano
to develop ideas for the first layer of the wall. ZebraDog took their work to develop that

initial layer and then a subsequent smaller group selected photographs (provided by
Jon) and selected colors for the wall. Lucia Nunez and Heidi Vargas provided masks
from their personal collection for the display case.
Hmong Panel
Jon Gramling worked with Zong Her, director for Institutional Effectiveness at the
college, and Shwaw Vang, a former Madison school board member and staff at the
Kajsiab (“gashee’ah”) House, to arrange for a group of Hmong elders from the Kajsiab
House to visit the college and help develop the first layer of pattern that would anchor
the wall. From their initial work, Mai Zong Vue of the Hmong Institute, and Zong
Her, along with other Hmong community members, helped identify pictures for the
photography layer. Lastly, Mai Zong of the Hmong Institute provided the artifacts from
their collection for the display case.
Ho-Chunk Panel
This panel was created with the input from several groups. Again, here Jon was
essential to starting the conversation on how to approach this wall. Several meetings
ensued. First, with the local Ho-Chunk leadership (Dan Brown and Missy Tracy of HoChunk Gaming Madison, along with Kyla Beard) to get their input on the initial layer of
the wall and recommendations on how to best deploy the call for artists for the alcoves.
After much discussion, the college learned that ZebraDog was already working with
the Ho-Chunk Nation on another design in the Wisconsin Dells area and so they
collaborated to develop their layer (based on Ho-Chunk applique) as well as select
photographs, provided by Mike Rausch, a local Madison photographer. ZebraDog
helped the group envision a display case where “medicine balls” – a deeply spiritual
practice - are available to Native American students. The college also enlisted the help
of Menomonee and Oneida members to help understand imagery and patterns. This
group included Alex Gokey, Menomonee artist, Scott Hill of the Oneida Tribe, and Paula
Fernandez, with the Menomonee Tribe, a cultural resource specialist at the Department
of Public Instruction. Lastly, the architect firm’s representative, Madelaine Eschrich, and
Jon Gramling also visited the Indian Community School in Franklin, Wisconsin.
In the future, the Goodman South Campus will display a History Wall that will detail
the important roll the South Madison area played for immigrant communities as they
have come to the Madison area.
Dr. Daniels introduced Ms. May and Ms. Zarrinnam, the co-chairs of the 2019
Madison College Combined Charitable Campaign. They shared the dates and goals of
the campaign, anticipated campaign events, and information about the local agencies
that benefit from the campaign.
Action Items III B
FY2019-20 Tax Levy III B 1
To meet budget requirements, we need to generate a tax levy for operations of
$45,003,997. In addition, the District would be required to make subsequent budget
adjustments for FY 2019-20, as is typical practice.
To meet budget requirements, we need to generate a debt service tax levy of
$34,834,933, a debt service mill rate of 0.39201. This is an increase of $20,847 over
the initial FY2019-20 debt service budget.
As the debt service mill rate for FY2018-19 was 0.40612, the recommendation reflects a
decrease in the debt service of 0.01411 mills or 3.47%. This reflects the debt service related
to the 2010 referendum and implementation of the District’s capital plan.
The combined operational and debt service mill rate for FY2018-19 was 0.90842.
The combined FY2019-20 mill rate, as recommended for operations and debt service,
is 0.89845. The combined levy amount is $79,872,879.
There was a motion by Ms. Bidar-Sielaff, seconded by Mr. Halvorson, to
authorize a property tax levy for FY2019-20 of $79,872,879 on the full value of
the taxable property of the district for the purpose of operating and maintaining
the schools of the district and for the payment of debt. The levy for operations
shall be $45,003,997 and the levy for debt service shall be $34,834,933. The
property tax levy also includes $33,949 for the refunded property tax. Motion
District Purchases over $50,000 Review III B 2
The Wisconsin Administrative Code [TCS 6.05 (2) (h)] requires an annual review of
purchases “ determine if a more competitive procurement process should be used
in succeeding years.” The review is to be based upon a report “containing transaction
detail grouped by similar goods, supplies and services”. Procurement has reviewed this
detailed report for district purchases made in the 2018-19 fiscal year, and brings forward
this review for the Board’s acceptance.
For the year, the district had purchases in excess of $50,000 from a total of 212
suppliers, totaling $84,618,079.
Procurement will continue to lead efforts throughout the year to ensure compliance
with Purchasing policies and will emphasize the need for a competitive process to be
used whenever feasible.
There was a motion by Mr. Crombie, seconded by Dr. Crim, to approve the
District Purchases over $50,000 Review for FY 2018-2019. Motion carried.
Proposed FY20/21 Capital Remodel projects III B 3
Mr. Thomas reported that as part of the capital projects planning process, several
remodeling projects have been identified for funding. The projects are included in the
Three-Year Facilities Plan approved by the Madison College Board on September
4, 2019. Those projects are remodeling the telepresence rooms at Fort Atkinson,
Reedsburg, and Watertown; relocating and expanding the Truax Child and Family
Center; and remodeling the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.
The construction for these projects would start next spring with project completion in
August, in time for the start of the fall 2020 academic year.
There was a motion by Mr. Guttenberg, seconded by Dr. Crim, to:
1. Approve the above remodel projects.
2. Authorize staff to prepare construction drawings & specifications and to
send the above projects out for competitive bids.
3. Authorize staff to submit a request for approval each project to the
Wisconsin Technical College System for Board approval.
Motion carried.
Consent Agenda III B4
General fund financial report as of August 31, 2019 III B 3 a
Request for proposals/request for bids/sole sources IIIB 3b
Supplier payments greater than or equal to $2,500 and
schedule of checks issued for the period
August 16, 2019, through September 15, 2019 III B 3 c
Employment of personnel lIII B 3 d
Resignations and Separations III B 3 e
Retirements III B 3 f
There was a motion by Ms. Mirilli, seconded by Dr. Crim, to approve Consent
Agenda items III.B.3.a. through f. as submitted. Motion carried.
Adjournment V
There was a motion by Mr. Hasler, seconded by Mr. Crombie, to adjourn.
Motion carried.
The meeting adjourned at 6:17 p.m.
Elton J. Crim, Jr., Secretary
PUB: WSJ: November 13, 2019
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