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These ‘denTed’ doors do no good
look. Automotive fashion is like
every other type of fashion. Once
somebody has success with some
odd twist or look, everyone else

The sides of cars used to be slabs.
A crease or an indentation was
relatively rare, because it was hard
Dear Car Talk:
We have a 2017 Jeep Cherokee with to manufacture. We felt fortunate
enough that the doors didn’t fall
the dented-door look. Is this a
fashion statement, or does it have a off when we opened them. Making
them look fancy never crossed our
genuine purpose? We live on a dirt
road that gets muddy in winter. The minds. But as manufacturing got
more sophisticated, we started
shape of the Jeep’s doors splashes
seeing more creases, lines and
mud onto the door handles. We
bulges. Then it was off to the races.
do not have this problem with any
other vehicles. Thanks. — Sam
Now, pretty much every new car has

We call it the “sunken cheeks”

a rising belt line, a crease under the

windows, a huge front grill, bulging
fenders and some kind of carved
out doors, like your Cherokee has.
Eventually, this trend will get out
of hand, and some carmaker will
buck the trend and make an oldfashioned, slabsided car that sells
like crazy. Then everyone else will go
back to slabs. This is as inevitable
as watching lapels widen and thin,
or watching your grandmother’s
ugly furniture show up on a trendy
magazine cover at the supermarket.
don’t think it has anything to do
with aerodynamics. It’s possible
a “scooped out” door may have
an effect on the handling of a
Lamborghini when it’s going 170

miles an hour. But it’s not going
to change anything on a Jeep
Cherokee doing 70 on the highway.
So, if the only downside is the mud
splattering, Sam, you need to go
back to your dealer and buy the
official Jeep door-handle mud rag
for $39.95. Don’t worry; your next
Jeep Cherokee will look different.
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