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May 19-26, 2019

Fox Lake EMS

Front Row L to R: Colton Bryant, Steve Hopp, Aaron Paul
Back L – R: Tylor Rodenkirch, Jessica Rodenkirch, Peggey Gerner, Jean Mierow, Richie Quirk,
Alicia Schoenherr, Derek Schoenherr
Missing: Bruce Harned, Marcy Benz, Lori McConochie, Dan Neuman, Chris Thurk, Justin Beatty

Lori L. McConochie
Licensed Funeral Director

Fox Lake:

312 College Avenue • P.O. Box 7
Fox Lake, Wisconsin 53933
920.928.3121 • Fax: 920.928.2267


323 Mary Street • P.O. Box 214
Cambria, Wisconsin 53923 • 920.348.5111

Beaver Dam EMS

Left to Right: Corey Braunschweig, Jake Zemlicka-Retzlaff, Captain Paul Hartl, Tony Thomas,
Deputy Chief Matt Christian, Captain Lee Smith, Benedict Beck, Chief Alan Mannel
Cory, Jake, Paul, and Ben are Paramedics. Tony, Matt, Lee and Alan are Advanced IV-Techs

The rest of the full time Paramedics on the
Beaver Dam Fire Department are:
Jeremy DuCharme
Don Smith
Charlie Bau
Wesley Jahnke
Matt Weidler
Hunter Resop

Captain Chris Ackley
Eric Theel
John Jatczak
Nick Guthery
Joshua Coffey
Heather Shoemaker

The other members who are EMTs on the
department are:
Lt. Gary Peck
George Reddie
Jacob Kopmeyer
Dan Mullin
Nick Buchda

Mike Stephens
Brad Modaff
Tony Klatt
Matt Bartol
Amy Price

Jeff Fuhrman
Aaron Paul
Russ Johnson
Mike Daane
Don Wellnitz

Thank You Beaver Dam
EMS Department!

Thank You
Beaver Dam EMS
Dr. Jenifer Espenscheid
105 Warren St, Beaver Dam
(920) 885-0641

Good Food, Good Drinks, Good Times.
709 Park Avenue
Beaver Dam, WI 53916


Thank You Beaver Dam
EMS Department!

N6312 US-151 South,
Beaver Dam,
WI 53916

(920) 885-3734

Tires &

1200 N Spring St, Beaver Dam
(920) 887-3711
MON-THURS: 7:30 - 5:00;
FRI: 7:30 - 4:30

Thank You
Beaver Dam EMS


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