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When selling your home, it’s
common to feel frustration
when the process isn’t moving
at the speed you desire.
The homeowner who will
consider your property the
perfect residence is out there,
but are you doing what it
takes to reach them? If you
notice offers or walkthroughs
are at a standstill, it may
be time to freshen up your
advertising and marketing
While selling your property
without the aid of a real
estate agent may save
commission fees, can you
really afford to have a house
sit on the market? Don’t
hesitate to call in an expert if
“for sale by owner” attempts
fall on deaf ears.
Recent data from the
National Association of
Realtors shows 87 percent
of buyers purchase their
home through a Realtor or
broker. Here are some ideas
to discuss with your agent
about getting your home in
the spotlight of buyers in the
Online Presence
Paper ads have a place in the
real estate market, but your
online presence is important,
as well. In fact, according
to the Buyer and Seller
Generational Trends Report
from the NAR, 99 percent

Real Estate Tips and Advice

Advertising a Home

of millennials use websites
to search for potential
Pictures of your home are
obviously crucial in making
a great first impression.
Consider using these
strategies from the experts at
Zillow when creating images
to showcase your home’s
• Curb appeal: A welcoming
shot to spotlight a property’s
front entrance is important.
Spruce up landscaping and

remove obstructions such as
vehicles or clutter from the
• Aerial picture: Especially for
larger properties, an overhead
picture showcasing the
structure and vast land can
entice a buyer into learning
more. These specialty images
are easier than ever to capture
with the capabilities of
• Selling points: Capture and
highlight the most attractive
areas of your home. It’s a

good idea to show off recent
renovations or upgrades.
Open House
Once online advertisements
have gained an audience,
invite interested buyers to
an open house. These events
offer major exposure to your
listing while offering a laidback experience for visitors
to ask questions and view the
For extra appeal, consider
hiring professional stagers

to display your home in its
best light. Their expertise will
boost how buyers view its
living space and imagine how
they can utilize it.
A Reputable Realtor
Selling a home is not an
easy task to do alone. A
professional Realtor has the
skillset to bring exposure of
your property to the public,
including experts who may
already have buyers in mind.
In addition to a solid
marketing plan, real estate
agents also are effective in
negotiation tactics, executing
the final transaction
without issues and setting
an appropriate price. Their
knowledge of local markets
is crucial when listing your
home for sale.
Overvaluing your property
can turn buyers away before
it even has a chance to
attract them with advertising
techniques. When discussing
this important part of the
listing process, take your
agent’s advice seriously or
you might find yourself with
a home that languishes on the


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