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What’s new? More options.
More results.
For a comfortable, efficient, profitable start on her first lactation
It’s good to have options. Udder Comfort
now has another way to apply the spray
and achieve the results-especially for fresh
2-year-olds. In fact, customer trials yield
some important new findings. Dairies tested
the new Udder Comfort Backpack Sprayer to
spray udders of prefresh 2-year-olds in headlocks 1x/day for a week prior to calving,
comparing with groups getting it only after
calving or not at all. Here is a sampling.
At Lingen Dairy, Balaton, Minn., 240 cows
milk robotically, and 90 through the parlor,
making 87 lbs/cow/day, SCC 150,000. For 5
years, Josh Lingen (left) used Udder Comfort
routinely on fresh cows after
calving. He wanted to see
what prefresh applications
1x/day for a week before
calving would do for heifer
groups calving into robots.
His brother-in-law Reed Stepp (top) used the
Udder Comfort Backpack Sprayer to spray
udders of prefresh groups in headlocks.

“The backpack is slick, portable, no air
needed. It sprayed fast and easy, giving
us cost-effective uniform coverage from
fore-udder to rear-udder,” Josh explains.
“The 2-year-old groups we did prefresh
came in with udders full of milk, but so soft,
no edema. We saw an average of 2 pounds
more milk from those heifers at 14 DIM,”
Josh reports. “The biggest thing is how it
reduced fetching and improved robot
attachments. We were fetching fresh
2-year-olds the first 2 to 3 weeks of lactation,
but on the Udder Comfort prefresh groups,
we got that down under a week. That’s huge,”
says Josh. “Our attachments are faster.
By softening those first-calf heifers right
into calving, the udders went through fewer
changes in the first 10 days after calving, and
it took away that belly edema, making the
robots more efficient.”
At Hard Earned Acres, Shippensburg, Pa.,
Bob Keefer (right) milks 700 cows in a
arallel p
arlor. RH
A iiss 28,900, SC
C 135,000.
dder C
“Both improved after starting U
2 yyears
ears aago,
go,” B
ob rreports.

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For external application to the udder only, after milking,
as an essential component of udder management.
Wash and dry teats before milking.

With headlocks in, he alternated months
for heifer groups to receive Udder Comfort
1x/day for a week prior to
calving. The data in two
comparisons were averaged, showing 2.5 pounds
more milk. “But what
impressed me is we had
zero mastitis in the Udder Comfort prefresh
groups, but treated 5 for mastitis in the other
group. That’s big,” Bob confirms. “I can
see the benefits lining up my prefresh heifers
every Friday. We’ll definitely keep doing this.”

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