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8338 Stone Valley Rd., Cross Plains, WI
For cattle information phone 608-798-3439
DATE: Tuesday, May 21st
TIME: 11:00 am

LOCATION: From Cross Plains, WI go north on County Road P
to North Hill Point Rd, go north to Stone Valley Rd.
50 - Dairy Cows with 20 - recently fresh, 13 - dry cows due
within 60 days
10 - Springing Heifers due within 6 weeks
13 - Bred Heifers, confirmed bred, 2-8 mos. bred
18 - Open Heifers, 8-14 mos. old
16 - Open Heifers, 4-8 mos. old
15 - Hut Calves, up to 4 mos. old
13- Baby Calves
NOTES: RHA 2X 27,500, BF 1025. November classification
5-EX 18-VG 22 -GP 4-G None lower BAA - 106.2. Several
years Progressive Breeder and Progressive Genetic awards.
This is aa quality, high producing herd with extremely low SCC
with 70+ years of Artificial breeding. The majority of the cattle
having super fancy udders. Eugene has done an excellent
job in growing and developing this herd. A large selection of
well grown bred and open heifers to chose from. This herd is
100% home raised. All AI sired for 70+ years with Accelerated
Genetics and Select Sires. The SCC runs under 100,000 for
the year and has been as low as 43,000. Individual records
up to 35,000 with cows giving up to 160 lbs. 25 - cows in 1st
lactation. There are 17 cows giving over 100 lbs. this past
April. Herd peaked at a 94lb. average. Cows are sired by
top bulls such as Yoder, King Boy, Super Sire, Gambler and
Helix to name a few. Sires will be posted at auction along
with classification scores, milk weights and SCC. Cattle are
calfhood vaccinated and up to date using Vision 7, Bovishield,
9-way, Brucellosis and Pasteurella. Cows milked in stanchions
& housed in free stalls. Monthly herd health w/ Dr. Jeff
Loomans, Waunakee Veterinary Service
TERMS: Cash or good check. Not responsible for accidents or
AUCTIONEERS: Cory Bidlingmaier, Monroe, WI 608-558-4924
& Tom Bidlingmaier, Browntown, WI 608-328-4878 & WRAL
#740 & 1283.
B&M Auctions of Wi, LLc/BidLingMAier reALty, LLc
BroWntoWn, Wi WrAL#166
Please visit our website @


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