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tillage and
call the
last chance! remaining
planting specials
travis seed carts! chopper experts
TraVis hsC2000 2 boX seeD
CarT, tandem axle, wireless
remote control, Honda engine
only $9,499
NEW kun krause inTerCepTor 8050-25, 25’ working width, two
parallel rows that are individually mounted 22 inch x 32 flute
excalibur conservation tillage shallow concavity blades on 9
inch spacing, center mounted tines for initial leveling, finishing
attachments include star wheel traders and a heavy duty reel to
anchor residue to the soil and break up clods, operation speed
of 6-10 mph, 325-375 hp requirement, 5” max working depth,
 LeAse Me $5,932

NEW GreaT plains 2400 TM VerTiCal TillaGe,
24 foot, 20 inch turbo blades on 7½ inch spacing, 0
to 6 degree hydraulic gang angle adjustment, walking
tandems on center transport, rolling harrow and reel,
hydraulic weight transfer, rubber, mounted gang
bearings, safety light kit, adjustable turn buckle for
leveling, category III/IV hitch  $ReAdY TO MOVe$

NEW GreaT plains 2s-2600 hD, 42 rows at 75” spacing
13x13 center rib press wheels, electronic acre meter, steel
walk boards with folding loader, 4 speed gearbox, 32 bushel
per foot welded seed boxes, transport safety lights, hydraulic
opener down pressure system, seed level indicators, heavy duty
15 inch 4 mil blades with triple seal bearings, heavy duty down
pressure springs, HD heavy duty series straight arm openers,
small seeds attachment, clevis hitch $PRICed TO MOVe$

NEW GreaT plains 1206nT Drill, 19 rows at 75” spacing,
3x13 center rib press wheels, electronic acre meter, steel
walk board with ladder, 4 speed gearbox, 13½ inch diameter
offer set double disk openers, transport light kit, seed level
indicator, 5/8 inch turbo coulter, clevis hitch, seed and small
seeds boxes, standard tongue, 24 bushel per foot seed box
capacity, weight brackets$PRICed TO MOVe$

NEW GreaT plains 1006nT Drill, 15 rows at 75” spacing,
3x13 center rib press wheels, electronic acre meter, steel
walk board with ladder, 4 speed gearbox, 13½ inch diameter
offer set double disk openers, transport light kit, seed level
indicator, 5/8 inch turbo coulter, clevis hitch, seed and small
seeds boxes, standard tongue, 24 bushel per foot seed box
capacity, weight brackets$PRICed TO MOVe$

John Deere 8300 Grain Drill, 25x6” spacing,
double disc openers, drag chains, rear walkboard,
750-20 tires, cylinder and hoses$2,950

John Deere 450 Grain Drill, 24x6” spacings,
double disk openers, 4” adjustable closing
wheels, front grass, acre meter, light
package, rear walk board, rear hitch, rear
hydraulics, rear electric, plug, 20” marker tires,
 VeRY NICe $9,495

brillion X-108 hyDrauliC FolDinG pulVerizer, 25’
width, ductile rolls, scraper kit, (4) 95L-15 tires

brillion p10 pulVerizer, hi lift transport, 12’
width, scraper kit, 760-15 tires, cylinder and

John Deere 750 no Till Drills, 2 available
 staRting at $12,900

GreaT plains 1205nT no Till Drill, rear grass
attachment, flute spring reset tillage coulter,
double disc openers, adjustable center rib closing
wheels, walk board, light package, 295/75R225
tires Hardly Used Reduced $24,950

kuhn krause 4800-9 lanDsaVer DisC Chisel,
9 spring auto reset shanks with 4” twisted
shovels, hydraulically controlled front disc
gang, 5 bar spring tooth finisher, light package,
walking tandem with 95L-151 implement tires,
pintle hitch, Never been in the ground, like new
condition!  PRice a new one at $34,000
and Buy this deal at $21,600!

look what just came in

new hollanD Fr850 ForaGe harVesTer, 4 wheel drive
differential lock, 900/60R32 drive tires, 600/65R28
steering tires, 2x10 cutter head, corn processor, HD
wear liners, water tank with pump, stone detection
system ONLY ONe LeFT, HUGe sAVINGs!

Top air Ta1200 sprayer, 1200 gallon tank,
80’ booms, tires set at 120”, set up for Timble
Field IQ $9,950

new hollanD Fr9060 selF propelleD Chopper, four wheel
drive, processor, auto climate control, auto pilot, lateral
float, double drive, HID lights package, Dohrect 1010
applicator, spout camera, rear hydraulics 900/60R32
front tires, 600/65R28 rear tires$244,500

new hollanD 8670 TraCTor, MFWD, Supersteer
front axle, 3 remotes, 3 point quick hitch,
540/1000 PTO, front weights, EZ Guide 500
display with EZ Steer system $42,500

sunFlower 6333-25 soil Finisher, 25’ width,
rolling basket and rear harrow attachment

new hollanD Fr9050 selF propelleD Chopper,
deluxe cab with front, rear and side wipers,
power heated mirrors, dual beacons, instructors
seat, processor, single drive, 800/75R32 front
tires, 600/65R28 rear tires, rear weights under

blue JeT aT4010 niTroGen appliCaTor, Ground
Drive, John blue piston pump, 12/16 row, 19”
trench coulter, 1,500 gal poly tank, hydraulic
wings, fixed axles, 420/180R46 traction tires,
rinse tanks$19,500

new hollanD T8.410 TraCTor, luxury cab, 19 speed, 50
KPH, power shift transmission, NAV controller, receiver,
monitor, hi-flo hydraulics, 540/1000 PTO (all three), 360
HID light package, 5 remotes, 3 point, hi-capacity drawbar,
suspended front axle, 22 front weights, inner rear wheel
weights, 38/80R38 front tires and duals, 480/80R50 rear
tires, quick hitch and hammer strap$189,500

new hollanD FX 40 ForaGe harVesTer, rear wheel
assist, cab, heat, air, instructor’s seat, AM/FM
radio, heated electric mirrors, kernel processor,
800/65R32 front tires, 480/65R24 rear tires,
metalalert III$59,500

Case ih 8940 TraCTor, MFWD with duals all the
way around, powershift trans, cab with heat and
AC, Front 3 Point and PTO for only$49,950

quality tractors for you!
whiTe 8310 TraCTor, manual four wheel drive, rear
differential lock, cab with heat and air, radio, 18
forward/5 reverse power-shift transmission, 3 remotes,
540/1000 PTO, three point with top-link 650/65R38
rear tires, 540/65R28 front tires, front fenders, 8 front
weights with bracket Reduced $37,950

Case ih 7140 TraCTor, four wheel drive, cab, heat, air,
AM/FM radio, air seat, 18 forward, 4 reverse, power shift
transmission, 4 front weights, 169-26 front tires, 208-38
rear tires and hub mounted duals, 4 set of remotes, 3 point,
top link, 1¾” 1000 PTO$41,900 Blowout PRice!

Massey FerGuson 8120 TraCTor, four wheel
drive, cab, heat, air, AM/FM radio, Dynashift
transmission, 32F/32R gears, 2 cab boors, front
fenders, 420/85R28 front tires, 520/85R38 rear
tires, 3 point, top link, 3 sets remotes , 540/1000
PTO  Reduced $38,600

John Deere 7130 TraCTor, 4x4, cab, heat, air,
quad range transmission with 4 speed power
shift, 2 cab doors, 8 front weights, front fenders,
380/85R24 front tires, 520/85R38 rear tires, 1
set of remotes, 540/1000 RPM PTO, 3 point arms
 TOO CHeAP AT $34,500

new hollanD TM165 TraCTor, four wheel drive, cab, heat, air,
AM/FM radio, 2 cab doors, rear wiper, power shift transmission,
suspension cab, front fenders, 149R 28 front tires, 184R 38 rear
tires, hub mounted duals, 3 sets of remotes, 540/1000 PTO, 3
point, top-link, fender controls clean as a whistle $54,500

new hollanD T8040 TraCTor, four wheel drive, luxury cab
with leather interior, power shift transmission, full guidance
with Trimble, EZ Guide 500 monitor, 10 front weights,
super steer, 380/80R38 front tires, front duals, 480/80R38
rear tires, rear duals, 1 set of rear wheel weights, 3 point,
quick hitch, 4 remotes, 540/1000 PTO, hammer strap
 dON’T FINd ‘eM LIKe THIs OFTeN $92,500

clearance row

Used Gehl rT175 CoMpaCT TraCk
loaDer, cab, heat, 2 speed
John Deere 635 MoCo DisCbine, transmission, auxiliary hydraulics,
hydraulic tongue swing, 540 12” tracks, hand controls, 68”
PTO, rubber roll conditioning, low profile bucket with bolt on
light package, 11L-15 tires cutting edge, manual quick attach
$12,950  $28,450

New new hollanD l218 T4b skiD
sTeer, 2 speed E-H controls,
enclosed cab with heat and air,
air ride suspension seat, lap bar,
steel hoods and covers, hydraulic
coupler, block heater$19,800

FarMall 400 Gas TraCTor, wide
front, torque works 540 PTO, 2
sets hydraulic remotes (1 rear
& 1 mid remotes), 600-16
front tires, 155-38 rear tires

new hollanD T7.260 MFwD, deluxe
cab with heat and air, deluxe radio
w/bluetooth, 50 KPH power shift
transmission, HD suspended front axle
with brakes, 540/1000 PTO, air ride
seat, radar, 3 point, 4 rear hyd remotes,
10 x 45 KG frt weight, axle duals

Used new hollanD 166
inVerTor wiTh hyDrauliC
DriVe For ConVeyor; 60”
fold up conveyor extensions

Used Meyer 7500 V-spreaDer;
twin rear vertical beaters, front
and rear splash pans, 1 3/8”
1000 PTO, light kit, 4/25165
R225 truck float tires

this week’s ConstruCtion equipment speCials
new arrivals!

around the lot speCials!

new hollanD 330r biG square baler,
roto cutter and stuffer, auto steer
tandem axle, full auto Harvestec
applicator with crop eyes, control
monitor lV color, hydraulic fold bale
ramp, extra working lights, 500-50/17
tires, roller wind guard, auto greaser, 1
3/8” 1000 PTO,$54,200

Be The

Doosan DX225
Tag # a49084

2006 John Deere 225C LC RTS Excavator, Cab w/heat &
A/C, 315” pads, very good U/C, 9’-6” stick, aux hyd, JRB
Hyd pin grabbing Q/C, 3 work modes, radio, 2 speed travel,
147 HP, 53,440 lbs $60,000

2004 Case CX160 Excavator, Cab w/heat & A/C, 10’ stick,
275” pads, excellent U/C, 42” pin-on bucket w/6 teeth,
24” weld-on mech thumb, radio, pattern changer, 106 HP,
35,380lbs $39,995

2004 Komatsu Galeo D39PX-21 Dozer, Open ROPS w/
side and rear screens, 25” wide pads, good U/C, 3 speed
powershift, 10’-6” six way dozer blade, operators station
heater, rear hitch, 95 HP, 19,030lbs  $32,000

2015 New Holland C238 Track Loader, Cab w/heat & A/C,
pilot controls, heated air ride seat, hydraulic quick attach,
177” rubber tracks, 2 speed travel, block heater, keyless
start, radio, 90 HP, Only 850 hrs $47,995


fUllY eQUiPPed WitH CaB air / Heat, oNe & tWo WaY PiPiNG, straiGHt
traVel,, side & rear VieW CaMera,, 48” BUCKet,, 6 additioNal WorKiNG
laMPs, loWer WiPer, rotatiNG BeaCoN, Water seP WitH Heater,
BloCK Heater aNd MUCH More!
1996 Ford/New Holland 555E Loader Backhoe, Cab w/
heat, extenda-hoe, 4WD, 169-28 rear tires, 14x175 front
tires, 88” front bucket, 24” backhoe bucket w/teeth, 4 speed,
79 HP, 14,010lbs, $22,495

1986 Case 455C Crawler Loader w/ 260 Backhoe, Open
ROPS w/canopy, 14” pads, 68” front loader bucket, 24” rear
digging bucket, 60” long bucket forks, 4 speed, 2 lever steer,
good U/C, 63 HP, work lights,  $19,995

Mosinee, Wi

1998 Komatsu WA180-3L Wheel Loader, Cab w/heat, 175
x 25 tires, 4 speed transmission, Cummins diesel, quick
coupler w/bucket  $38,995

2012 Volvo SD70D Smooth Drum Compactor, 66” smooth
drum, open ROPS w/canopy, hydrostatic drive, 149x24 tires,
99 HP Kubota 4 cylinder diesel, front and rear work lights,
1,149 hours, 17,533lbs $41,995

Contact Jim Barry @ 715-551-7893, Mark Wisinski @ 715-281-9824
or Brent Krautkramer 715-551-9446
on any of these items and also call if you are looking to sell any of your used construction equipment!

standard warranty 3 years / 5000 hours!
and financing as low as 0%!

trades w
Contact Jim Barry @ 715-551-7893,

Mark Wisinski @ 715-281-9824 or Brent Krautkramer 715-551-9446

*see dealer for details

Mosinee, Wi


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