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The Madison Police Department
and Madison Area Crime Stoppers need YOUR
help in reducing stolen automobiles in
the City of Madison.
There have been 150 stolen vehicles so far in 2019, a 14% increase over same time period
last year. In April of this year, the City had 34 stolen autos reported, representing a 36%
increase over April of 2018. Of the 34 stolen autos reported in April, 28 had keys left in
them. Two stolen cars were unlocked and running at the time of the theft. Stolen auto
incidents have occurred at all times of the day but they are more frequent during the
overnight hours.
Take into consideration the following crime
prevention tips:
• Lock Your Doors.
• Remove Your Keys from the Vehicle.
• Do Not Leave a Spare Key Near Your Vehicle.
• Close the Windows.
• Park in Well-Lit Areas .
• Install an Audible Alarm System and
Anti-Theft Device.
• Install a Vehicle Immobilizer System.
• Install a Tracking System.
And remember, look out for your neighbors and
lock-it up!

Since its creation in 1983, Madison Area Crime Stoppers has:
• Solved 3,547 cases and tips have lead to the arrest of 2,292 people.
• Received 29,047 tips.
• Recovered $5,819,862 in narcotics and $1,823,429 in property.


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