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Public Notice of an Air Pollution
Control Permit Application Review
Facility Description
U. S. Oil - McFarland Terminals, located
at 4306, 4402 & 3910 Terminal Dr ,
McFarland, Dane County, Wisconsin, FID
113011360, submitted to the Department
of Natural Resources (DNR) a permit
application, including plans and specifications for for construction of two
2,728,950-gallon capacity fixed roof storage tanks with internal floating roofs,
modification of three loading racks, and
renewal of 113011360-F11 for operation
of a Petroleum Marketing Terminal
Air pollution control construction permit
no. 18-RSG-001, Air pollution control
operation permit no. 113011360-F20.
The Wisconsin Department of Natural
Resources issues Air Pollution Control
Operation Permits for sources of emissions, as required by chapter NR 407,
Wis. Adm. Code, and Title V of the Clean
Air Act (Act). The draft operation permit
contains no revisions to Title I conditions.
Application Review
DNR has prepared an analysis and made
a preliminary determination that the
application meets state and federal air
pollution control requirements and that
the permit may be approved. You can
view the permit application, the DNR’s
analysis, preliminary determination and
draft permit, and other materials considered by the department using the Air
Permit Search Tool located at http:/
or by contacting Ruhun Goonewardena at
(262) 884-2339 or by e-mail at
For questions about the permit application
or the DNR’s analysis, preliminary
determination and draft permit please
contact Ruhun Goonewardena at (262)
This is a preliminary determination and
does not constitute a final approval from
the Air Management Pro¬gram or any
other DNR sections which may also
require a review of the project.
Public Comments
The department had announced its
preliminary determination on this project
on March 3, 2020. However, changes
were made to the draft permit that require
another opportunity for public participation.
Interested persons wishing to submit
written comments on the application or
DNR’s review of it or wishing to request
a public hearing should do so within 30
days of publication of this notice. Posting
and Public Comment Deadline dates can
also be found on “Air permit public
notices” web page located at http:/
/ Comments or request
for hearing should be sent to Ruhun
Goonewardena at Ruhun.Goonewardena or to:
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Bureau of Air Management, 101 S.
Webster Street, Box 7921, Madison, WI
53707-7921. Attn.: Ruhun Goonewardena.
If a hearing is requested, the requester
shall indicate their interest in the permit
and the reasons why a hearing is
All comments received by the DNR at the
public hearing if one is held, and prior to
the close of the comment period, will be
considered prior to making a final
decision regarding the proposed project.
After the close of the public comment
period, a final decision will be made on
whether to issue or deny the air pollution
control permit. Information on the public
commenting and hearing process is
available at
Reasonable accommodation, including
the provision of informational material in
an alternative format, will be pro¬vided
upon request for qualified individuals with
Notice: Any information, including personal or contact information, submitted to the
department may be considered a public
record. Records may be publicly disclosed either in paper form or electronically and could be searchable on the
For the Secretary
By /s/ Barbara Pavliscak
Barbara Pavliscak
Air Management Program Supervisor
WSJ: July 6, 2020 - 6594