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During the month of July, along with this incredible
pricing, your local Beltone Hearing Care Center is offering
a FREE hearing Test with no cost or obligation on your
At your FREE Hearing Test a Licensed Hearing Care
Professional will ask you a few simple questions about
the kind of communication difficulties you may be
experiencing. You will also receive a visual ear exam using
a video otoscope, and your hearing will be tested using a
series of sounds and words. Together, you will review the
results and receive a professional recommendation.
Call your neighborhood Beltone Hearing Care Center
today to schedule your FREE Hearing Test. See
first-hand why Beltone is the most trusted name in
hearing healthcare.**

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Advanced Digital Hearing Aid




Regular Price: $1998.00

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Hearing Care Center Hearing Aids:
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✔ Fits Most Hearing Losses
** Starting price per unit. See center for details.

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Hearing tests are given for the purpose of selection and adjustment of hearing instrumentation. Results may vary related to duration and severity of impairment. Early detection is important.