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We Are Open!
nOW Offering in-stOre,
Online, telephOne, Or
curbside pickup.

Fresh Ideas! Farm Fresh
esh Fun!

We offer a wide range of indoor plants,
annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs,
vegetables and herbs and more!

drive-thru pickup AvAilAble
bRowse, buy, and load ouR best selling iteMs without eveR leaving youR vehiCle.


this Week’s feAtured iteMs!
neW prices!

10” deluxe hAnging bAsket - $15.98, 2 fOr $30.00
expiRing june 1, 2020 oR while supplies last!

8” sun/shAde stunning plAnters $12.98 Or 2 fOr $24.00!
expiRing june 5, 2020 oR while supplies last!

fitchburg fArMs quArts - 3 fOr $10.00
expiRing june 5, 2020 oR while supplies last!

CheCk FaCebook FoR all oF ouR Fun
weekly events and woRkshops!


we aCCept Cash and all MajoR CRedit CaRds!

9:00AM tO 7:00pM MOn-fri,
8:00AM tO 6:00pM sAturdAy And sundAy.


1839 County Road MM • FitChbuRg